My Poems

Tied (2007)

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”  Maya Angelou

soothing melodies,
like a stream,
accompany my silent, forlorn thoughts.

guitar strings slowly quiver
in harmony with my secret heart,
delicately drumming inside.

drumming inside,
to break free
from the chains of time
that snug and snide
keep me tied.

a locked kaleidoscope
of mute emotions,
colourful shadows
waiting to spread their wings
so the purest, most joyous of songs
I may finally sing.

songs to make you
soar and swim
in boundless sky,
climb a rainbow
way up high,
and with broad grin
look over your chin
to gaze and spy
a checkered reality
you want to deny.

and yet
a metallic rough red
screeches, scratches, scrapes,
corrodes those soothing melodies and calming tapes
as the monotone buzzing of a broken radio
the drumming inside
and smacks me back down
onto that floor
of steel and stone
once more.

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