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Autumn Glow (2018)

“We are homesick most for the places we have never known.” Carson McCullers

Golden glow
Ruby leaves
Gleaming crystals
Row these hills.

Wondrous peace
Murmurs, whispers;
Calm and still I finally be
As marvel, awe
Wash over me.

Golden glow
Ruby leaves
Warmth and silence
Blanket me,
Cocooned and cradled
I feel to be.

Golden glow
Ruby leaves
Gentle nudges
Tender touches
A loving gaze
From bygone days
As I lay down
By a tree
Slowly slowly
They come back to me. 

Golden glow
Ruby leaves
Your hearty presence
Soothing, safe,
Kind and pleasant
Embraces me
Like when I was
Was young and free,
Happily sitting on your knee.

Golden glow
Ruby leaves
Your memory,
Unshackled, free,
Unabated returns to me.

A faded photograph
From another time
From long ago
A hazy dream
I can’t let go. 

And in this glow
I wonder where, and how, and why
Where you are and where you hide,
Where we’d go and where we’d be
If long ago
You’d stayed with me.

And as I wish
For your embrace
A setting sun,
Its golden rays
Now on the run,
Ruby leaves
Fall and sway
As they turn
To black and grey.

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