My Poems

Stardust (2018)

“I feel like a part of my soul has loved you since the beginning of everything. Maybe we’re from the same star.”
Emery Allen

A smile;
Creases by the eyes
Wearing no disguise
You rise
Before me
You rise.

Crystals in your eyes
They hold me tight
They shine a light
On my songs, on my plights
On my wrongs, and on my rights.

I was lost
Now I am found.
Your soul
Hand in hand
With mine,
Now bound.

No words
Can describe
How you make me feel
Deep inside.

This heart will burst,
It ain’t trained
To float free;
To be tamed and
Contained, so it was ingrained.

Birds glide with gusto
Caged no more
This heart will burst,
Burst! Colours on canvas,
Pollock cracks
This grey shell
Sticky stamps
My painted fingers
My Sunday dress,
Immaculate no more.

No words
In the depths of it all;
Our hearts beat
Our tongues weak
Sacred silence

Side by side
Your eyes lock mine
No rhythm, no rhymes.

Two souls in moonlight
Hold each other tight,
All past wrongs
Now made right.

Dancing silhouettes
Rim a timeless horizon
And so we are set,
No more regrets.

Gently, softly,
We leave the dark night,
Our spirits in wondrous flight,
As the dawn burns bright.

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