Hello world

Welcome to Thoughts n Scribbles, a blog where I hope that poems I have written between 2006, age 15, to present day may bring you a small sense of serenity in feeling understood, feeling like you belong, feeling like you are not alone if you are struggling with your own dancing shadows.

Shadows which, you will know if you have faced them before, are fiercely loyal, insistent, confusing, painful, dark and yet can transform into rare bearers of light, peace, compassion, and self-acceptance.

I hope that in reading some of my thoughts and scribbles over the years you may be able to put to rest those poisonous notions that you are weird, crazy, not ok, broken, wrong, needing fixing or any other self-selected label you attach to yourself.

As F Scott Fitzgerald once wrote, “that is part of the beauty of all literature. You discover that your longings are universal longings, that you’re not lonely and isolated from anyone. You belong.” 

In the same way that poetry and art make me feel that way, I hope that my poems may, in a small way, help you to feel that way too. That they’ll make you breathe a little lighter, cry a little more easily, get you to get it all out so that you may quarrel a little less with yourself. After all, as Pablo Neruda wrote, “poetry is an act of peace”. 

I will seek to post at least one poem a week, both old and new, and will seek to tie them to literary quotes that I feel capture that particular poem’s essence.

You can find my poems here: My Poems

I will also be writing a few paragraphs and/or shorter articles on some of the authors I quote – any thoughts, feelings, ideas I had whilst researching them and their lives. So do check out the biography section too (found here: Poets & Writers) as it won’t just be a boring list of dates and achievements.

Thank you for coming and please feel free to reach out, comment, make suggestions, give feedback.

Here’s to you and your dancing shadows.
May your frosted fires burn, and burn bright!