Paolo Coelho

I quote Coelho when I introduce the following poem: Salty tracks (2016)

Please find below a link to Paulo Coelho’s biography on Wikipedia:

This is the biography the author uses in his own personal blog, Paulo Coelho Writer Official Site. The site acts as his virtual foundation and is a real treasure chest of all that is, was, and will be Coelho:

I don’t know if you have ever read The Alchemist or if you have read it hundred times over, but for me it is one of those novels that, borrowing from Dennis Gabor, “plucks at your heartstrings and makes music with them”. It stays with you, it mentors you, it holds your hand as you tread cautiously to the edge of the woods or throws you a life jacket as you are battling with the waves of your own choppy waters.

The Alchemist pulls up something which Libba Bray describes as that something “that lives on the knife’s edge of the deeply personal within and the hopefully universal without”, that something which I think all artists, writers, poets, playwrights, designers, creators of any shape or form seek to grasp and express through their art.

It’s that same something that I hope this blog is achieving in a small way; hopefully these thoughts and scribbles may act a bit like Hansel & Gretel’s white pebbles – they’re small, seemingly insignificant, but they might help you find your own way home.

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